Meet Rocaline

With a main focus on tattooing and ceramics, Rocaline is a multi-disciplinary artist. Her inspiration comes from movement, architecture, nature, urban landscapes and its structures. She likes to capture and interpret those environments in their essential shapes, which she then applies to different media. Together with her clients she builds a common understanding of their vision. Her adaptive designs consist of different elements which she customises to the person getting tattooed.

Rocaline tatoo artist in Lisbon


Ceramics, prints, goodies & more.
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These are designs proposed as tattoo. Each of them is unique and can be tattooed only once.
However, if you really like a flash that’s already been tattooed, you can always ask for an adaptation.
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Tattoo care

Before the appointment, make sure to take a good rest, to eat well (bringing snacks is recommended) and to drink water to stay hydrated 🙂
On the day of your appointment, you and your clothes must be clean. Wear something comfortable that gives easy access to the tattoo area, and dark (beware of ink stains!).
Count enough time for the appointment, and your well-deserved rest after the session.
Please note that I do not tattoo persons that are under 18, under the influence of substances, pregnant or breastfeeding.

Keep the tattoo wrapped in cellophane or second skin for at least two hours.
The second skin should last about 3 to 4 days. If it comes loose before that, please remove it and clean the tattoo right away.
Carefully clean it with lukewarm water and soap (to remove the excess ink and plasma), rinse it well, then pat it dry with a paper towel or a clean lint-free towel.
Once cleaned, allow for the tattoo to”breathe” in open air. You can then start applying cream. For approx. 3 weeks, moisturise it two to three times daily with an appropriate cream – e.g. MANIK skin care bepanthol, cicaplast…
Always wash your hands before touching the tattooed area. During the healing process, the tattoo may appear dry and start itching. Continue to moisturise it well, and avoid scratching it all costs, as this can cause infections and harm the healing process.
Avoid sun exposure, friction, or contact with dirty surroundings (dust, sweat, etc.). During these 3 weeks, do not submerge the tattoo in water (no bathing or swimming). Taking showers is no problem. For the protection and longevity of your tattoo, always cover your tattoo with either clothing or sunscreen when you’re exposed to the sun.

Infos & bookings

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