This portfolio presents a diverse range of Rocaline’s artwork across various mediums, including contemporary tattoos and handcrafted ceramics. Her work shows creative insight, skill and design sensibility. It showcases her ability to translate inspiration into captivating forms.

Rocaline’s tattoo designs stand out in their versatility. Each tattoo serves as a visual representation of the wearer’s personal narrative. More than an adornment, every stroke of ink is a form of self-expression that results from a shared journey between the artist and the client.

Her fascination with shapes and forms is evident in the ceramic pieces. They echo her search to capture the world’s essence – the raw beauty of nature and the structured geometry of urban landscapes. Carefully handcrafted, her sculptures embodies Rocaline’s artistic conversation with her surroundings.

Illustrations on skin: Rocaline's Tattoos

Each tattoo composition is a fusion of precision, creativity, and your unique narrative.

Moreover, the tattoos here are not just body art. They are personal imprints that narrate individual stories.

tattoo composition with architectural elements
powerline pole and lines inked on ribs
architectural leg tattoo
architectural leg tattoo
architectural leg tattoo
architectural leg tattoo
architectural leg tattoo
architectural leg tattoo
abstract colorful tattoo inspired by rocks and sea
turquoise and blue seaside tattoo composition
hip tattooed with blue rocks and sea
Cloudy abstract belly tattoo composition
arm inked with abstract blue shapes
underboob color tattoo inspired by seaside in lisbon
3d colorful mushroom flash tattoo
colorful geometric 3d tiny tattoo
tiny cube and stairs colorful tattoo
3d geometric colorful tattoo
abstract colorful 3d shapes inked on ankle
small 3d geometric tattoo on leg
fineline tattoo about tram lines and architecture in schaerbeek
tattoo of staircase and graphic facade elements
big train catenary tattoo on back
huge minimal geometric leg tattoo
cranes and building site tattoo
abstract scaffholding tattoo rocaline
colorful lines and textures inked on back
tattoo of staircase and graphic facade elements
colorful abstract freehand tattoo
freemind flash tattoo inspired by the seaside in lisbon
blue sea fauve belly tattoo
rainbow color cloud freehand tattoo composition
abstract colorful tattoo composition
power lines chest tattoo
arm tattooed with minimal shapes
symmetric tattoo of power lines on chins
saigon architecture inked on upper arm
small flash tattoo with geometric forms and colors
big back tattoo with dots and graphic elements inspired by bridge architecture in tokyo
abstract tattoo composition inspired by architecture in japan
abstract contemporary tattoo on the back
full arm tattoo inspired by tram power lines
childhood home tattooed on forearm
forearm minimal architecture tattoo
black architectural flash tattoo
fenway park stadium forearm tattoo
tattoo composition with small rectangles
geometric architectural elements inked on arm
lisbon architecture and stairs tattooed on thigh
back tattoo inspired by the architecture in lima peru
black abstract tattoo composition on shoulder and upper arm
antwerp architecture sleeve tattoo
moving tattoo inspired by architecture in antwerp belgium
architectural elements tattooed on hand
electric cables and architectural elements inked on back of the knee
blue abstract cloud tattooed on back of the head

Flash Tattoo Sketchbooks

This collection consists of unique designs each created to be tattooed only once. The designs embody Rocaline’s distinctive style and creativity. The artist is happy to customize any beloved flash design that has already been taken, ensuring it stays uniquely yours, as each tattoo is inked just once. Stay updated with the latest flash designs by checking out the highlights on her Instagram page.

Highlights on Instagram

Clay as a canvas: Rocaline's Ceramics

Rocaline’s ceramic practice revolves around different interconnected series. Her ceramic sculptures that bring to life her daydream-like visions in 3D ethereal geometric shapes, and her vases that create a canvas for abstract illustrations reminiscent of her tattoo practice.
Each ceramic piece is a testament to her careful craftsmanship and creative insight. Rocaline’s stoneware creations can add a touch of artistic flair to your space.

bud vases collection from rocalines freemind series
conceptual ceramic and glass sculpture
contemporary ceramic sphere sculpture
abstract ceramic sculpture with geometric shapes
hollow ceramic sculpture playing with shapes
abstract stoneware sculpture
ceramic sculpture about imaginary architecture
short bud vase
reinterpreted moon jar
round contemporary vase
flat round contemporary ceramic creation by rocaline
long beck bud vases with freemind designs
huge round ceramic vase from rocalines freemind series
rocaline and her huge ceramic vase
moon jar top view
flat moonjar with blue designs by rocaline
round elevated planter by rocaline
stoneware planter with decorative freemind designs from rocaline
cube vase architectural sculpture
contemporary vase in a box with a pool of glass and a sphere
modern geometric vases with architectural designs from rocaline
modern and minimal speckled vases
speckled vases with minimal geometric patterns by rocaline
matte vases with architectural patterns
rocalines collection of small architectural vases
rocalines first collection of architectural vases
abstract bowl sculpture in stoneware with melted glass
spheric ceramic object

Discover Rocaline's Art on Etsy

Looking to own a piece of Rocaline’s collection? Visit her Etsy shop to browse through a selection of her creations available for purchase. Each piece is designed with love and attention to detail, making these objects an exceptional addition to any home.